Multi-Cloud Budgeting and Chargeback in Xi Beam
Businesses have increasingly been adopting a multi-cloud approach for their IT infrastructure with applications and workloads running in both public and private cloud environments. The increased adoption of public clouds has primarily been driven by the ease of deployment of resources in public clouds. Do you have a credit card? Great, off you go consuming … Continu...
Join Nutanix at the IBM Think Conference in San Francisco: February 12-15, 2019
IBM Think, the flagship conference for IBM is a huge opportunity for customers and partners to learn about emerging technologies where IBM is involved, get one-on-one advice from IBM experts, and hear about the successes and challenges faced by global business leaders and industry disruptors. Join Nutanix at the Think conference in San Francisco to … Continued
Hybrid Cloud vs Multi-Cloud: What’s the Difference?
The arrival of cloud computing to enterprise IT brought much more than new business value and end-user utility. Most notably, confusion. An entirely new set of terms was created to describe the many varieties of virtual data storage and transmission. First, we learned about private clouds, or cloud environments that were created to only support … Continued
Unveiling Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection from Xi Beam
Cloud cost anomaly detection is a vital tool in keeping your cloud costs under control. To put it in perspective, balancing your own budget isn’t always easy – even if you’re the most frugal person you know. Every now and then you may treat yourself to a new shirt or a nice meal from somewhere … Continued
What I Learned From Retailers at NRF 2019
We recently concluded a whirlwind three days at the National Retail Federation (NRF) conference in New York, where we had great conversations with retailers and suppliers of all types – from groceries to shelving specialists to label makers and everything in between. While the highlight of the show was definitely witnessing the excited reactions of … Continued
Nutanix welcomes founders of Chromotif!
I’m excited to share the news that the founders of Chromotif — Param Desai (CEO), Shashi Uli (CTO), and Jonathan Arms (VP BD), are joining Nutanix today. This demonstrates our commitment to continued R&D investment in building modern multi-cloud services. Param, Shashi, and Jonathan bring their extensive domain experience and insights to the Nutanix Frame &hell...
Stop being a bully, VMware!
by Dheeraj Pandey As I write this blog on the eve of MLK Jr. Day, I am reminded of respect, fairness, and dignity, and how an absence of fundamental human values engenders movements. Many independence movements have been borne out of unfair taxation. The unfair taxes on tea started the American War of Independence. The … Continued
The Nutanix Approach to Federal IT – Part II
In Part I of this blog, we talked about “the interesting times we live in” regarding the state of Federal IT. The problem is – managing and delivering IT shouldn’t be an adventure. Users would prefer that IT be completely invisible to them. They don’t care if their servers are down the hall or in … Continued
Top 10 Cloud Security Trends for 2019
By aligning the right providers with your desired business outcomes, cloud computing can be a fantastic driver of business growth and end-user satisfaction. You may choose to utilize private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud solutions based on the sort of information you’re going to be storing. Not surprisingly, many are still confused by the … Conti...
Nutanix Files Delivers End-User Computing Without Compromise
Enterprises turn to end-user computing, and VDI in particular, to secure an array of benefits, including lower administrative overhead, increased employee productivity, and costs savings. Unfortunately, storage problems can all but erase these advantages. File servers store essential profile, user, and departmental data, which means they can make or break an end-user compu...