Save Your Cloud Data from Vengeful Ex-employees
When we think about protecting data in the cloud, it’s usually in defense from bad actors outside of your organization. One thing we overlook is just how quickly an employee can become a bad actor once they leave the company. Take the latest news from the UK for instance with a digital marketing and software … Continued
MEDITECH EHR Certified on Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform
We are super excited to announce that MEDITECH’s Healthcare Information System (HCIS) is now certified to run on Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) software platform, an industry first within the MEDITECH ecosystem. This announcement is significant on several fronts: Delivers performance and patient data protection exceeding MEDITECH’s performance SLAs, ac...
A Big Week for Both SAP and Nutanix
The clock is ticking to one of the biggest weeks of the year for both SAP and Nutanix. May 7-9 happens to be the timing for the marquee customer events for both companies, both in towns made famous by Disney, and both chock-full of technology and business professionals who will get a wealth of valuable … Continued
Enterprise Kubernetes Done Right with Nutanix Cloud Native
Will your organization be left behind? As an increasing number of organizations turn to DevOps methodologies, it’s becoming clear those that are successful are gaining a competitive advantage over their peers. Consider this finding from the 2016 State of DevOps report: “High-performing organizations are decisively outperforming their lower-performing peers in t...
Cloud-Ready Enterprises or True-up Surprises?
This is the third blog in my series on the You Decide campaign. I invited Steve Kaplan, AKA “ROI Dude,” to co-blog with me. For those of you who don’t know Steve, he’s a bit of an expert in TCO, ROI, datacenters and legacy virtualization competitors. In the You Decide campaign, we identify three major … Continued
Discover the Value of Training at .NEXT 2019
While .NEXT Conference is known for amazing guest keynotes, rockstar parties, and ample networking, it is also the perfect chance to elevate your career with knowledge and skills from the .NEXT education courses, certification opportunities, and hands-on labs. This year at .NEXT 2019, join us in Anaheim from May 7-9 to: Get the hot new … Continued
Hannover Messe 2019 – Notes from a First-Timer
I’m no conference newbie; I’ve been to some pretty major shows. CES is probably the largest, with over 185,000 attendees. But Hannover Messe is even bigger—with over 220,000 attendees—and is almost a city in itself. The fairground houses two dozen halls of exhibitors. Nutanix joined other Digital Factory exhibitors in Hall 6, where Industry 4.0 … Continued
5 Ways to Improve your IT Infrastructure
No matter how up-to-date your datacenter may seem, there’s always room for improvement. Growing means consistently examining your existing infrastructure for weak spots and asking if what you have in place is not only meeting the demands of your business today, but also setting you up for success in the increasingly multi-cloud focused future. If … Continued
Trailblazers, Transformers, and True Givers: See 2019’s Finalists for our .NEXT Customer Awards!
Every year during the .NEXT awards nomination process we’re fascinated, inspired, and moved by what Nutanix customers are doing to make a difference—in their datacenters, their businesses, and the world. This year is certainly no exception. We are honored to recognize some of the most innovative companies, IT leaders and technology teams in the industry. … Conti...
Building Things That People Like: An Encore
Exactly 4 years ago to this day, I wrote a blog called “Building things that people like”. That blog was about portability, about customer choice, about a contrarian view that professed building apps and platforms that were not tightly coupled with each other. Back in 2015, we had 2 “apps” — AOS and Prism — … Continued