Tech Note
Information Security with Nutanix

Automatic security and compliance on the Enterprise Cloud Platform

This Tech Note describes how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform can help you keep up with an ever-growing list of security requirements, meeting the dual challenges of reclaiming resources for innovation while keeping costs down.

The Nutanix Security Development Life Cycle (SecDL) addresses security at every layer in the development cycle, so that security is built in, not bolted on. Technology from a single vendor, coded with security in mind, is faster and easier to update and patch, significantly reducing zero-day vulnerabilities.

The result is a secure and responsive agile datacenter that exceeds even government agency cybersecurity regulations, reducing the time it takes to complete the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) from as long as a year to less than half an hour.

Download this Tech Note to learn more about Nutanix security advantages, including:

  • Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) that use machine-readable code to systematize compliance against rigorous common standards, including PCI-DSS.
  • Implementation of now-standard risk management features, from FIPS-validated disk encryption to cluster lockdown.
  • Nutanix Security Configuration Management Automation (SCMA) automates returning your system to compliance after major release upgrades.
  • Software-based Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) can protect you from both internal and external attacks while enabling all capacity transformations.